Have you woken up feeling tired and with back, shoulder or hip pain, but you do not know why? In most cases, the presence of these symptoms is related to the quality and condition of your mattress or pillow. When you sleep on a worn mattress that has already exceeded its shelf life, for example, it is more likely that some complication will arise in the spine or other key points of the body.

Our recommendation is to make an assessment of the mattress and pillow to repair some telltale signs that it is time to make the switch for a new model. See the following list:

-          When did you get the mattress? If you have so long that you do not even know the answer, it may be time to buy a new one.

-          There are sinkings in some regions of the mattress;

-          The pillow no longer supports the weight of your head; Consider to change to thepillow for neck and shoulder pain.

-          There are stains or wear.

Does firm mattress relieve pain?

It is also important that a mattress with firm comfort does not mean that it is hard. In fact, the ideal mattress is one that leaves the spine aligned and at the same time adapts to the pressure of the weight that the body exerts on the mattress.

The shoulders and the hip are the parts that most need the comfort foams, but this has no relation to the choice of bed, be it soft or firm. Each person has apreference for a type of mattress, but one needs to cater to the needs of their body as well. The aches will undoubtedly improve when you acquire the perfect mattress for you.

Buying mattress is a subject that we Euro Mattresses take very seriously. Visit one of our stores, try our mattresses and see which one is best for you.

Find the mattress topper for the back is one cheaper choice if you have asmall budget.

Improve your posture

Maintaining good posture during the day and night is essential to prevent body aches, especially in the spine. Lying sideways, for example, gives better circulation of blood through the body. But again, every case is a case and every position guarantees some benefit to your night’s sleep.

Having a good head support is also essential to maintaining the right posture. For this, you should use a pillow that is not too high or too low and that fills the space between the shoulder, neck, and head. You can choose from several pillow options that exist, just know what suits your body best.

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